Sunday, October 4, 2009

Innocence Unlimited

Ismyle- Please!

Playing Hard to get!

I Know what you did last summer!

Hmmm.......So this is my first ever blog and it comes after a lot of thought and after a really long while of being lazy and not taking out time to do it, but finally I did it!

Well I have titled these shots with ‘Manna’ as Innocence Unlimited because this shoot just happened by chance and I caught Manna our family friend’s daughter in a very playful, cheerful and yet thoughtful mood.

Now I say thoughtful here because after I took some shots this innocent 4 year old comes up to me and tells me ‘You know what Robin bhaiya you make me look good in your pictures, so should I just change my dress so that you can click more nice pictures of me?’, and I was just left speechless for the wonderful compliment and boost that I got but more so by the thought that how kids of this generation are actually Big Daddies!


  1. Lovely snaps.Make her look really adorable. :)
    About what you wrote, the last line pretty much sums up all your thoughts on her thoughts. Really sweet!

  2. Congratulations!
    But, upload the snaps in a larger size.

  3. I love the pictures :) She's so cute..

  4. This baby is simply too cute and kudos to the photographer too